Saturday, November 1, 2008

For Immediate Release - Tyler Edmonds Finally Receives Justice


November 1st, 2008


Justice for Juveniles advocates nationwide applaud the wise 12 jurors who listened to the facts and found Tyler Edmonds, not guilty on all charges in the death of Joey Fulgham. Cari Barichello, Co-Administrator of the nationwide online children's advocate group said " To say we are extremely pleased over
the not guilty verdict today is an understatement to say the least. Tyler has remained one of our largest priorities since his nightmare began at age 13, because we believed that Tyler was a victim of Kristi Fulgham just as Joey was." Barichello says that Tyler has stayed positive because of his Christian faith and love from his many friends, family and supporters throughout his tragic 6- year ordeal.

Donna Gallegos of said " This is a joyous day for Tyler and those who love and support him." Gallegos says Justice for Juveniles is extremely grateful to Barry Synder, a North Miami Beach criminal defense attorney who assisted Jim Waide and Victor Fleitas of Waide and Associates in Tupelo, by providing his expertise to the defense team who never gave up and fought a long hard battle
to prove Edmonds innocence. Without the assistance of The Innocence project of Mississippi, Amy Singer, CEO and founder of Trial Consultants Inc. a Fort Lauderdale Florida Jury Consulting firm, Radley Balko senior editor of Reason magazine and and many others, Edmonds would be spending his entire life in prison for a crime he did not commit.

The Mississippi State Attorney insisted on wasting Mississippi's taxpayer dollars and most of Edmonds youth by trying 13- year old Edmonds twice after the Mississippi Appeals court overturned Edmonds first conviction. " As an child advocate for several years, I must say Tyler's prosecution is another sad example of America's justice system losing sight of what justice is suppose to be when children
are suspected or accused of crimes. Children are not adults and need not be destroyed in the name of vengeance, the way this boy's life almost was." Said John Osborn from New Jersey.


In January 2007 the Mississippi Supreme Court overturned the conviction of Tyler Edmonds who was 13 years old when charged with 1st degree murder of his half sisters husband, Joey Fulgham.

Tyler was convicted in July of 2004, with no forensic evidence other than a false confession he made after his half sister begged him to lie for her. Tyler recanted the confession a couple of days later. Tyler's half sister, Kristi Fulgham was convicted in December 2006 for Joey Fulgham's murder and sentenced to death.

The Mississippi Supreme court agreed that Dr. Stephen Hayne who performed the autopsy on Joey Fulgham, over-reached beyond his area of expertise when he stated that two fingers pulled the trigger of the 22-caliber rifle used to kill Joey Fulgham. The Supreme Court found that Dr. Haynes testimony was scientifically unfounded but carried heavy weight with jurors. The rifle was never recovered.

Edmonds adult half sister was convicted of the murder and sits on death row.


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Sondra said...

I was so happy to hear this wonderful news for Tyler. As a citizen of the state of Mississippi and a woman who is working very hard on behalf of a friend who is incarcerated for a crime she is NOT guilty of AND who also had "Dr." Hayne testify in her trial, it is encouraging to see something positive finally happen for this young man.

chetthejet said...

This Dr. Hayne is some piece of work, and now that he is being outed for his inappropriate actions, I see a plethora of cases coming back to haunt Hayne and the authorites who helped him produce what are most likely going to be a flood of false convictions.

I wonder if Hayne's misbehavior can be considered a crime against children. I'll bet Tyler thinks so. I hope the kid is okay after all the hell Mississippi authorities have put him through.

Good post, Sondra, and I hope your incarcerated friend can figure out how Hayne may have contributed to a her wrongful imprisonment. Whenever asked for an opinion on how to fight false finger-pointing, I often suggest keeping tabs on all the players, because once you figure out the dirt on one, you'd be surprised on where such trails of filth can lead. You just have to keep looking.

Anonymous said...

These "expert" witnesses need to held criminally accountable for testimony, just as a material witness would be prosecuted for perjury if they lie under oath. Prosecutors and detectives love to say "physical evidence is what it is, it doesn't lie", but somebody has to interpret that evidence. Ever hear of criminalist named Fred Zane?!?!

Magnus said...

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